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You've heard me talk about Kickstarters before. From our friends, from our clients and from the folks we think are just badass and cool, but this one's a little different. this one is deeply personal to me; let me explain why.

First, go here and give us a buck or two, we really can use your help:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1254854179/3rd-world-a-cyberpunk-tale?ref=email

Now, let's let that pledge you just made buy the story: It was 15 years ago, 1997. Plaid was the shit and if you disagreed, meh. It's not like it wasn't all just bullshit anyway. Err, where was I? Oh right -- I was packing up and moving into my new digs at a place called Redline games -- it was my first gig as a full time professional game designer.

I'd left Blizzard Entertainment to join the project as a game designer. I literally gave up working on Starcraft to jump onto this cool project called 3rd World. They were making a game that was one part X-com and one part Syndicate after they'd both been on a pub crawl with Warhammer 40k and been mugged by System Shock on the stumble home. The team was this crazy group of guys -- all of them mad enough to believe that a bunch of guys with a great game idea and a few ties to folks at Activision could put something so unique together.

Hell yeah I left working on Starcraft for that; you would have too. Especially if you'd been given the chance to create the world, the lore, the politics -- all of it. My first gig had me design systems, creating hundreds of years of mythos and a cosmology for a universe of cut-throat, backstabbing thugs who found themselves marooned on the ass end of the universe, thanks to the stellar planning of Man's "grand vision."

It was a world where every job was a heist and every heist always had to deal with the wild card. A strategy game about the art of the shady deal and the alley brawl set in a world where life was cheap, but freedom was anything but.

Yeah, we were crazy, but it was the kind of crazy that I spent the rest of my career looking for again. I found it a few times, but it's always elusive, ephemeral and when stuff goes wrong, just like in a 3rd World heist, you never get the chance to go back and do it right...

...Only, this time, maybe I do. Turns out the members of my old gang have been holding on to bits and pieces of our dream over the years, just like me. Now, the only thing standing between us and doing it right is getting the word out and getting a little help from the folks we hope will enjoy the result. That's what this kickstarter is about.

I've never had the chance before to go back to a project the way folks like Brian Fargo and Chris Avellone are now and I doubt very much I'll get that chance again. That's reason enough to bust out a kickstarter campaign and try to get the prize, isn't it?

So, what do you say? If you don't have the buck, could you at least share the link? We would appreciate anything you can do to help! Thank you!

The Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1254854179/3rd-world-a-cyberpunk-tale?ref=email

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