The Letters of the Lost Father

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The following collection of letters were said to be discovered in a little used basement of a barracks in the Champion's quarter of the Citadel. Whether these letters were, in fact, written in the time before the Night of Fire, remains to be proven. In fact, it remains to be proven if the tales told within - the desperate efforts of an anguished father to find his daughter - are true at all.

The speculation that these letters are a fabrication are not without merit. The Chronicles of Jared tell us that Marta's father died a year after her birth from Camp Cough, a common ailment of our ancestors as they languished in those dark prisons. If the Chronicles are to be taken as factual, and how could they not, then we must assume that the author is not Marta's father, which calls into question the entire collection of documents.

However, the stories told within - the father's quest to find his lost daughter, Marta - are of value to the Tribes, regardless. The question of whether or not the purported author - one Michael Mendoza - was truly the father of Marta is irrelevant, for in penning this tale he has reminded us of the struggles our peoples faced and the important bond of kinship that allow the Tribes to thrive to this very day. Though we do not know his provenance, there can be no doubt that the author walks the Path before us and in doing so, shows us the Way.

- Shaman Adán Del Mendoza, Scholar & Historian
- Apparent descendant of Michael Mendoza, father of Marta