Roleplayers Seek Removal Of Nerf Gun Ban

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Roleplayers Seek Removal Of Nerf Gun Ban - An anonymous reader writes "LARP fans at Bowling Green State University may have to contend with a crippled game of Humans vs. Zombies after the University banned Nerf guns on campus. In the live-action game, players are either humans or zombies. The goal of the game is to change all the humans into zombies, or for the humans to evade capture by zombies for a certain amount of time. To defend themselves against zombies, humans may use Nerf guns. Players (most likely the human ones) are petitioning the University to lift the ban. The game had troubles back in 2006, when participating students were arrested. That issue has since been cleared up."

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In true /. fashion I haven't RTFA, but the premise here is a little absurd. I mean, really... nerf guns? That's where we're at, now? Freakin' nerf guns?

Everyone knows guns won't stop zombies! You need nerf bats! (Double damage to undead, you know!)
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ive played zombie games

ive played zombie games before, its frikkin fun!
best is when you have a good rapid fire gun to plug the other players with.