Australian Advocate: Violent Games Will Turn Troubled Kids into “Lethal Killers”

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Australian Advocate: Violent Games Will Turn Troubled Kids into “Lethal Killers” -

The national spokeswoman for the Australian Family Association told that violent video games can make existing mental health problems worse in teenagers - much worse.

Angela Conway said:

If there are problems with that young person already, then this technology will turn them into a lethal killer.

Conway’s comments came as Australian officials gather in Adelaide to discuss adding a new R18+ rating for games. Currently, games with content exceeding the MA15+ level are banned in Australia. 

The Melbourne Herald-Sun has more on the current political debate over games Down Under.

[Game Politics]

I could sit here and talk about how there's no real proof of games causing violence at all and I could point to recent studies or to Grand Theft Childhood and ask why these tired old stereotypical opinions persist, but today, I'm not going to do that. Instead I'm going to ask a simple question:

If the people you're talking about are already "troubled" - who takes responsibility for what they do, if they're set off?

I mean, there are disturbed people who get enraged at the site of a woman and will attack her, right? Is it the woman's fault? Do we blame the woman when she's assaulted by the crazy woman-hater? What about the child that is abused by its parent? Is it the child's fault?

At what point did the human race abdicate personal responsibility? I think we need to seriously examine ourselves and the direction our cultures are heading if this type of misplaced blame is going to continue to be suborned in our legal systems and prevailing attitudes. When this type of thinking was applied to gender or race, we were diminished as a people, were we not? Here in America we felt so strongly about it that we amended our constitution to make this type of thinking illegal.

I guess it only matters when we're talking about people. I guess I can even see why, from a real abstract level, but it seems to me that prejudice is bad no matter what it's aimed against - that it demeans us; not just those who have a passion for the thing you prejudge, but the entire damned species. It offends me, how small minded these prejudices make us humans look. It really does.

- Snipehunter

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