Boston Globe Columnist’s Dream World Doesn’t Include GTA

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Boston Globe Columnist’s Dream World Doesn’t Include GTA -

In today’s Boston Globe, columnist Alex Beam zings Rockstar Games and the Grand Theft Auto series:

What if there was one day a year when people all over the world decided to behave in a manner worthy of the species? What would they call that day?

…It’s bracing to imagine the day when video-game manufacturer Rockstar announces: “We don’t want to make money off a game that encourages elementary school students to kill ‘hos’ and assassinate grand jury witnesses. We’re taking Grand Theft Auto off the market.”

…What if there were one day a year when everyone behaved in a manner worthy of the species? What would they call that day? They would call it April Fools’ Day.

The Massachusetts Legislature, of course, is currently considering a proposal which would treat violent video games in a manner similar to pornography.

[Game Politics]

I imagine that day would be something akin to the day when so called journalists stop claiming that the GTA series was made for, and marketed to, kids. Of course, the likelihood of that ever happening is far, far, lower than the chance that R* would stop making GTA. Too bad, too - That would be a day when we start behaving in a manner worthy of the species, don't you think?

Funny, that.

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Moral mediocrity

This would be the same day when journalist and the new media engines of the world stopped sensationalizing the worst behaviors of society, right? The day when I don’t see some college student made famous for shooting fellow students before turning the gun on himself. Obviously these kids have been playing to many games because game X taught them to behave badly.

This would be the mythical day when the human race decided that it was accountable for its own behaviors. The day when adults we accept that they are responsible for the behaviors of their children? When the all mighty internet can cable networks are not used as babysitters and surrogate parents for our children?

All this law does is state the ridiculous. That these games should be put on the same shelf with pornography, cigarettes and alcohol, because obviously the government needs to control games for society. If society continues down the path of moral mediocrity, this is the end result. If we do not take responsibility for our actions and the actions of our children, and continue to make excuses for the reasons why we behave badly, then we should just hand all of the freedoms that we enjoy back to the government

GTA IV arguably is not marketed for children. This does not lessen the desire of children to play the game. In fact, I argue that it entices children to want to play the game. The more the media makes a big deal about GTA IV and its rating and its impact upon society, the more the desire for children to have and play what is forbidden to them. It’s a game, games usually are associated with children, so the media outlet justify their ability and responsibility to be society’s judge and executioner for anything that could be tied to someone playing a game. I am not agreeing that the content within GTA IV is acceptable for all ages, but it is not worse than what can be found on cable television.

"This tribunal has lost its way. We're done here"

Sir Gareth
The Grail is real...


really there isnt much for me to say, your right, absolutely right, people need to realize that games with mature themes are for mature people,

i think part of it is rooted in that whole lazy upbringing trend ive seen, where people wonder why a child turns out 'weird' because the parents left the child infront of the TV rather than taught the child themselves,
"obviously its a video game so my child can play it, i dont care about the age rating!" pretty much i feel like i'm repeating what gareth and you have said snipe, silly silly people.