If you think Health care is crazy in America, try dental insurance...

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In the game industry we, typically, get really good benefits from our employers. I wish I could say this was always true, but in general it can be said the benefits we get (in the form of health coverage, etc.) are pretty good compared to similar benefits packages from other industries in our pay ranges. The one place this is never true, however, is dental care. This isn't a problem with the game industry, however, it's the sad and sorry state of affairs in the dental and dental insurance industries.

It's appalling really. For example, one dental plan I had - the best one - covered 90% of all the dental work you did... up to $1500, and not including the first $100, for the year. One year I needed a root canal and a crown. The root canal cost some $900, leaving me $600 left in coverage for the year. Of course, there was more work to be done, but before I could do any of it, I needed to get a deep cleaning done, which costs over $600

All of the sudden, in two appointments, my available dental coverage was at... $0 dollars, and still owing the dentist out of my own pocket. How is this acceptable?

The $1500 I got under that plan per year was a luxury, according to some colleagues, but it wasn't even enough to truly begin to take care of my teeth, so what does that say about the coverage most people receive?

Everyone complains about HMOs and the like, but why isn't anyone complaining about dentists? Between you and me, I think it's because people are simply neglecting their teeth because the coverage is inadequate and has been for well over thirty years. Modern dental coverage fails to take into account inflation, changes in cost of living or anything else that have raised costs since it's inception, and most Americans are simply silently accepting it. Bad teeth can lead to stroke or heart attacks, so why aren't the HMOs complaining that this lack of coverage is increasing their costs and putting a greater strain on their resources that could all be avoided with adequate dental coverage?

Honestly, this problem is so bad, that I'd probably jump studios to a place that offered $5k-$10k of dental coverage a year, simply because it's so unheard of that the gesture alone would be significant statement about how much an employer cares for its employees. Too bad such a place doesn't exist, in the country.

- Snipehunter

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A subject!

It's interesting that you mention the cost of dental coverage. I'm not totally sure how it is in America, but using Canada as an example -- I can literally buy tickets to go see my family and then go and get the exact same dental work done there that I would need to get done here and depending on which season I'm buying the tickets in, still come out ahead. It's absolutely crazy how much dental fees are here and it seems in the States too.

On a slightly off-topic question, do you still talk to Moogle from NC Q&A?

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The Moogle!

Sadly, I haven't spoken to Moogle in a few months, which is odd, in a way, since I'm pretty sure he works at the same company I do (but he works in a different state). Sad

- Snipehunter