Time Warner Shutting Off Austin Accounts For Heavy Usage

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Time Warner Shutting Off Austin Accounts For Heavy Usage - mariushm writes "After deciding to shelve metered broadband plans, it looks like Time Warner is cutting off, with no warning, the accounts of customers whom they deem to have used too much bandwidth. 'Austin Stop The Cap reader reader Ryan Howard reports that his Road Runner service was cut off yesterday without warning. According to Ryan, it took four calls to technical support, two visits to the cable store to try two new cable modems (all to no avail), before someone at Time Warner finally told him to call the company's "Security and Abuse" center. "I called the number and had to leave a voice mail, and about an hour later a Time Warner technician called me back and lectured me for using 44 gigabytes in one week," Howard wrote. Howard was then "educated" about his usage. "According to her, that is more than most people use in a year," Howard said.'"

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Whew! Thank god Time Warner got the message and bowed to consumer desires like they swore they did. Am I the only one who sees this as a 3 year old's tantrum? "Fine then! I'll just turn it off completely! I'll show you who's boss!"

*sigh* Seriously, why don't they get that this is untenable? If you couldn't deliver unlimited transfers at the rate you promised, why did you sell it that way, Time Warner? It's because you couldn't have sold it any other way, right? Consider what that means before you decide to play "screw the consumer" again.

Just go jack your standard cable rates to make up for the loss in bandwidth; after all that's the part of the market you've got a government supported monopoly on in your markets, right? AND it's the piece of the business you're seeing decline, right? Charge the folks that still want it for the folks that have moved on... Hell, why don't all of you cable people lobby for some bailout-- I mean stimulus money? You could claim that the government subsidizing unlimited bandwidth is a good way to boost the economy. It's a great scam, right?!

Funny thing is, it really would be a stimulus, wouldn't it? Maybe all you really need to do is stop panicking and start paying attention to what your consumers want and what they're willing to pay... It's amazing how that works for some folks.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I don't want to get close to the 250gb cap Comcast has, so I'm gonna go browse the web on my G1 now.

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