The Sex In My Hand

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I am entering this blog via my new PSP. IE I am having a near complete handheld wireless experience! Unless you count this hack~ass cell-phone text input. This took a while! Smiling


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And i shal be playing Tetris

And i shal be playing Tetris and Marios Kart wirelessly on My DS while you are still trying to type. Sticking out tongue

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Oh, don't misunderstand...

My DS is well worn and gets play regularly. The DS is like the "good friend" in the 80's movies that is the real love interest for the main character... But this PSP here is like the hot girl that keeps distracting the hero from the girl next door.

Seriously though, I love my DS in an almost dirty way. But it does not talk to my wireless without the special nindongle that costs an extra 50 bones. The PSP here just said "What boss? This wireless? Yeah, I hear ya... You want some webbage? I do that native..."

My DS had to take me to McDonalds, then it wouldn't chat. (It does play a mean game of Animal Crossing, and I love the 'Feel the Magic' games. I'm not ashamed to say it Eye-wink they're great the both of them.

Still, my career asked me nicely to buy the PSP for 'research' as we like to call it. So, here we are.

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Yeah, it's sexy....

But vacuous, just like that hot girl that distracts our proverbial hero in an 80's teen movie.

Seriously. I've had mine since the last E3, when I bought it for the trip to play movies on the plane... Since then I've been tempted enough to have bought 4 games... and found 1 of the 4 to be worth playing at all. Even Liberty City Stories, which should be fantastic, is hampered by the horrible controls of that gawdawfully sexy beast you just picked up off the street corner.

Still it is sexy, no doubt about that.

None-the-less, the DS I bought to console (ha!) myself was a MUCH better purchase. Lost in Blue alone justifies it's existence -- and Lost in Blue isn't even one of the best games on the system.

But you know that. Smiling

- Snipehunter

Ahh Feel the Magic...The

Ahh Feel the Magic...The strange yet oh so addtictive set of minigames. Warioware...but with rubbing...lots of rubbing...
How do you effectively say to your Wife that you are playing a game where the main point is to get a girl by doing tasks like shooting bulls, helping a guy vomit goldfish, and blowing into a microphone to get a boat to avoid sharks?

But my loves right now are Mario Kart, Super Mario 64, Advanced Wars DS, and yes Animal Crossing.
I have no clue why i like Animal Crossing, but its just...good. I mean how many times can you write a letter to a anthropomorphic raccon about him stealing your wife away from you and that on Tuesday morning he should expect to see his most beloved Shop burning to the ground, and then have him thank you for such a wonderful letter!

Lost in Blue i have not tried yet, but if you have not yet, both the new Tetris DS and Metriod Hunters DS are excellent games. Somtime next month Most Best Buys are getting Download stations for the DS. Just take the DS into your local store, go up to the download station and you can download a demo of some of the latest games.
The FPS mechanics for Metroid is going to be the defaco method for all future DS games. No question.

I am intreagued by these Brain Age games...Expanding out beyond the usual trappings of the other consoles has been nintendos "thing" for a few years now. But this is jumping the barrier, i think. I hope it does well. We could use more out of the box games for all consoles.

I have not yet bought a PSP and right now not many of the games intreague enough me to purchase it. I do not have the funds to spend Several hundred dollars buying memmory cards and games for a new system where at the most a bare handfull of games seem to pull me to the console.
I do not enjoy Racing games, or most sports games. The only Sport games that have consistently actually pulled me in are the baseball games. I am looking more for a Good RPG, a good platformer, and games made for a hand held market. Something that i can pick up and put down in 5 minutes and not loose any time when i pick it up again a day or so later.
It seems to me most of the PSP games are not built that way, most i have seen seem to be built on a Console background with average playtimes much longer than your average buss/subway ride. But thats my opinion on reading reviews and previews of the games. Sure its a powerful console and sexy looking to boot. But i would rather have a system built for the handheld market rather than a portable Playstation Console without the big screen tv.

If we are playing with metaphors:
I find the PSP to be your hot French maid that comes over once or so a month. Lots of intense action, but little substance. The Maid will attract you right away with lots of flash and glitter. But after a few times with her you realize that its the same thing every time. Just a few different moves.

The DS on the other hand i feel is more like that cute girl next door. Not as prety and not as wild in the covers, but she will keep you happy for a long time to come.

On a tottaly different news front: it looks like Stores might be dropping the UMD's from there shelves...

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I think you've hit on something key...

Just to clarify, I glean from your post that you believe a failing of PSP games so far is that they are essentially a PS2 game crammed into a handheld space. In counterpoint the DS games are designed with more focus on easy-in-easy-out content and on gameplay variants that play to the handheld nature of the device. Did I hear you right there? Because I think I agree, but I only have one title for my PSP so far (GTA, I'm a big fan of the IP) and it is very much a console GTA like my Xbox version, tooled to go on the handheld. I'll bet when I get into it it will require the same sort of investment and focus as its big screen parents, and that means I'm likely playing it primarily on my couch, and not on the bus.

I don't think it is wrong to put lots of hours and investment potential into a handheld, in fact, I like 'em that way. (I've played 40+ hours of each pokemon title, and likely weeks at Monster Rancher Advance. Not to mention Harvest Moon). But I do agree that handhelds should treated with a little more respect as far as developing for the platforms goes. I have some hope lately, sales on handhelds is on the ups, and some nicely out-of-the-box titles have shown up for both handhelds. With stylus rubbing and blowing on the DS and a card-tactics version of Metal Gear on the PSP the outlook is not too shabby as far as the future of potentially interesting gameplay, right? And consider Metroid : Prime Hunters. I haven't yet gotten to demo that one, but multiplayer FPS action in the palm of my hand? Hard to complain about that. (Unless you don't have your Nindongle yet...Like me...Mmmmmm Fries)

In closing, I like to sponsor the perception that handhelds are parallel, not lesser, consoles for entertainment development.

Yup you got it exactly.

Yup you got it exactly. Heh. sorry if it was in a manner similar to stream of consciousness. I was writing at work in-between customers.

There are some games for the DS that do behave in a console manner.
Metriod hunters is one of them. You can only save at your ship. To do that you have to unlock a teleporter halfway through the level. Or backtrack through the rooms to your ship. In general it takes me about ten minutes or so to get to the teleportation point. Not saving untill then means loosing everything i have done up to that point. I would of prefered a checkpoint system. But its ten mintues on average for the levels i have played. Not game breaking.
That in my experience is the most "console" like that i have played.

In my keeping up on the Nintendo front it looks like they are trying far more out of the bok ideas. Like the above mentioned Brain games. they are emtn to only be played 5-10 mintues a day. Thats innovative IMHO. Will it work in the American market? I hope so. Nintendogs worked.

I am with you on the investment hours. That is one reason why i love the Advanced Wars and Zelda games for the Handhelds. Many hours of entertainment that i feel far exceedes the amount i payed for it.

Oh and about yuor wireless problems. Check the nintendo wifi site. They have added some new wireless routers since it debued, i know that. Maybe they will have some instructins for yours? I know i cannot use it at school because their firewall blocks it, but at home i have never had a problem.