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Wait... who made the Wii?!

You've all seen the story about the guy from Midway who had created interface hardware very similar to today's Wii, back in 1999, right? If not check out Joystiq's article. Pay specific attention to the picture they have up... is that really the guy they're talking about?

Is it just me, or does that look a lot like a young Sean Connery? Like from the Highlander or Zardoz days. Seriously. I think there's a hidden story, here. Sean Connery made the Wii.

Trust me, I'm a professional; I know what I'm talking about. Eye-wink
- Snipehunter

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More than 2.5 million Rock Band songs downloaded

More than 2.5 million Rock Band songs
- Players have purchased and downloaded more than
2.5million songs for MTV's Rock Band since the game's release
inNovember 2007
[ news]

It's interesting to me that this came up in the news last night. Just yesterday I had come to an interesting realization about the value of rock band DLC. Check it out:

A Rock Band track (cover or masters) costs 160 points on XBox live.
A television show (at standard def) costs 160 points on XBox live. Read more»

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Inaugural Writer's Guild Awards Honor Witcher, Simpsons Game

Inaugural Writer's Guild Awards Honor Witcher, Simpsons Game -

Representatives of the East and West chapters of the Writer's Guild of America have announced the winners of their inaugural Videogame Writing Award, giving top honors to games including The Simpsons Game, World in Conflict, and The Witcher. The Guild says the award honors "outstanding achievement in videogame writing during 2007" and was created to "encourage storytelling excellence in videogames, improve the status of writers, and foster uniform standards within the gaming industry." The full ...

[Gamasutra - News]

God knows when I think back on the best writing of the year, I think of The Witcher and The Simpsons game. Interesting note: Both not original game IP.

Coincidence? I think not.

Way to "Raise awareness" and "legitimacy" for video game writers, WGA. Thank heavens you're around.

- Snipehunter

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Rumour: Perpetual out as Star Trek MMO developer

Rumour: Perpetual out as Star Trek MMO
- P2 Entertainment, formerly known as
PerpetualEntertainment, has ceased development on Star Trek
Online accordingto multiple sources
[ news]

Well, that just sort of sucks, doesn't it? One more nail in the coffin for sci-fi mmos?

On a, only vaguely, related note - I ran across this blog recently. It's an interesting observation, though my personal experience differs somewhat - and I worked on one of those games he mentions. Still, his observations are an interesting read (And it's short). Read more»

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English is weird

Circulate is a word.
Circulation is a word.
Recirculation is a word.
Recirculate is not.

What the hell is that?! It's like the language was just mashed together by a bunch of freaking barbarians who didn't really care how it all fit together or -- oh. Right.

- Snipehunter

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