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You know what's lame?

This. Or rather, the continued trend by the folks in question to do everything in their power to flat out screw with a good thing, because it's not their's.


Jealous much, Sony?

What is it about us humans that makes consensus and cooperation almost impossible? Happens in MMOs, too. Doesn't it? I mean, every MMO is about combat, isn't it? (well, OK... Tale in the Desert not withstanding) And every MMO has the camp that wants PVP, right? (Hell, I'm often in that camp)

Is it really genetic imperative, or the result of millenia of tribal competition for resources, as some of the intelligencia crowd would suggest? Or are we all just sort of... jerks? Eye-wink Read more»

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Hollywood and video games...

So, I've been without an internet connection for a couple of weeks now. I have to admit, in the way an addict sheepishly admits he has a problem after almost dying from withdrawal, that it's been a strange couple of weeks for me. Normally, I spend my spare time playing MMOs or playing xbox live, but this past few weeks I've spent a lot more time watching DVDs from my collection and catching up on that reading I kept telling myself I'd do. It's been interesting... and leant me an interesting perspective that I didn't have before. Read more»

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Moral Choices in MMOs

I ran across an interesting article today, by way of Apparently, Chris Klug of Cheyenne Mountain (They're making Stargate Worlds, which I am avidly awaiting) has been posting Dev diaries up. In his latest one he discusses moral choices in his MMO... Read more»

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Euro developers more creative than US studios, saysEA

Euro developers more creative than US studios,
- EA Partners has told [ news]

Typical studio trash talk crap, but there's an interesting quote where the head of EA Partners europe says, "I don't think America could have created Grand theft Auto..." Now, look, I love the GTA games. They're fun, but really, are they anything to be proud of? Is there another series that has done more to erode the industry's relationship with parents, politicians and non-gamers?

Doom, maybe... and hey! that's American!

- Snipehunter

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Behold, the mighty pen...

You know, I have to admit I've got a lot of respect for N'Gai Croal. There's a certain amount of legitimacy, a sort of heavy gravity, that accompanies his blog entries and other writings for Newsweek. That's not to say that I always agree with him or anything, but I do have a great respect for the way he approaches his work. Take this entry for example. In it, N'Gai talks about the recent firing of a gamespot critic over - at least apparently - said critic's review of the recent Eidos release Kane and Lynch... Read more»

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