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Auto Assault closure won't harm Lego project - NetDevil

Auto Assault closure won't harm Lego project -
- Developer NetDevil has told [ news]

Uh... File that one under N for "No shit, Sherlock." Eye-wink Our business is funny... Anyone who was paying any sort of attention to the situation on AA knows how few people were even still left on Auto Assault and anyone who knows the business knows AA wasn't making any money, so why would it affect Lego? It wouldn't and I am sure that Scott knows that, but in our business - especially if you're, say, working with a company from outside the industry - you sometimes need to explain the obvious. Since I have very little exposure to business outside our industry, I don't actually know why - but it always happens. We state the obvious, we devote agonizing hours to the exact wording of press releases to ensure the message isn't misinterpreted and we do it all knowing from past experience that if we don't, someone from outside the industry will misinterpret the message and disaster will result... Read more»

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Trion raises $30 million in funding

Trion raises $30 million in funding - Trion World Network announced that it has
secured USD 30 million in the latest round of venture
capitalist funding.
[ news]

This isn't the kind of site where I talk about the money side of our business, but look at the players involved in that deal. Then contemplate the fact that the company hasn't yet released anything - even previews of the current project - and it looks like they still had many of the world's top media companies lining up to be involved. Read more»

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NCsoft to close Auto Assault MMO

NCsoft to close Auto Assault MMO - NCsoft is to close down vehicle combat MMO Auto
Assault at the end of August
[ news]


Not that it wasn't pretty obvious it was coming, but still. All I got to say about that is: Boo! That's bad form.

I'm annoyed. I'm irritated. I'm angry... and I'm sad. There was a lot of potential in Auto Assault. Much of it went untapped, but the potential was there. I won't sit here and play "if only" by expounding on each of the places where things could have changed if we'd done something different, but I will say there were a lot of "if onlys" on that project. Read more»

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Auto Assault level comparisons

A friend of mine pointed me to this thread on the AA forums. Sort of interesting stuff. As a dev, I found some of the responses telling, but I'm not sure I should be specific as to why - I don't want to reveal any intentions that the dev team still has, inadvertently. Still, it's a quick read - if you're a player, give it a look... Read more»

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NY Bill Makes Felony Out Of Violent Game Sales To Minors

NY Bill Makes Felony Out Of Violent Game Sales To Minors -

Politically energized website GamePolitics has reported on a New York State specific video game bill newly proposed by the state Assembly that is designed to make the sale or rental of games with mature themes to minors a felony, punishable with time in jail. In fact, the A08696 bill was approved today by a vote of 130-10, just five days after it was introduced, and mere hours after it was considered in committee, according to ...

[Gamasutra - News]

For the record: I'm not opposed to legislation that restricts the sales of games to minors.

However, that's a qualified remark... Read more»

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