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"How much?" - Supplying content in MMOs.

As a game developer who spends a lot of time thinking about MMOs, the questions of content always come up. What, you say, are the questions of content? Here's my list:

  • How much content do you supply?
  • How much of that is solo content?
  • How much of that is group content?
  • How much of that is raid content?
  • How much of that is crafting content?
  • How much of that is non-combat, non-crafting content?
  • How much of that is programmatically created?

I imagine you can already see the first problem with MMO content: Much of the content in an MMO isn't related to the main gameplay systems and thus might not even be considered content by your audience. Read more»

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Google to Viacom - The Law is Clear, and On Our Side

Google to Viacom - The Law is Clear, and On Our Side - An anonymous reader writes "Google responded to the opinion piece in the Washington Post by a Viacom Lawyer with a letter to the editor titled 'An End Run on Copyright Law.' Their strong wording sends a very concrete message: 'Viacom is attempting to rewrite established copyright law through a baseless lawsuit. In February, after negotiations broke down, Viacom requested that YouTube take down more than 100,000 videos. We did so immediately, working through a weekend. Viacom later withdrew some of those requests, apparently realizing that those videos were not infringing, after all. Read more»

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Watching the war from the fence, and winning!

Eidos holding off on release of most PS3 titles until
- Eidos has confirmed that it won't be releasing
most of its major PS3 titles until next year, stating that
the console's installed base will not be high enough before
[ news]

Huh, that doesn't bode well for the early life of the PS3, does it? I frequent a few places on this here Internet where fellow game devs hang out and the PS3's launches worldwide have so far, been the topics of lively conversation. Read more»

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Hazy Monday morning

I dunno if I'm sick or what, but man did I wake up just not in the mood to do anything. I really hate it when that happens. Left to my own devices I tend to be the "find stuff to do" guy - so I'm usually working, even when I'm uninspired (e.g. doing research, working out a different problem). It's how I usually get through those blocks... but today I sorta feel like I don't even have that going for me.

Thankfully, where I work here I can ask some folks what they need done and someone will find someway to push me past this by giving me something to do... Still I hate it.

So while I wait, I thought I'd pose a question and explore it:

Is it possible to create games solely for a niche market, and still make money? Read more»

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Judge Strikes Down COPA, 1998 Online Porn Law

Judge Strikes Down COPA, 1998 Online Porn Law - Begopa sends in word that a federal judge has struck down the Child Online Protection Act. The judge said that parents can protect their children through software filters and other less restrictive means that do not limit others' rights to free speech. This was the case for which the US Department of Justice subpoenaed several search companies for search records; only Google fought the order. The case has already been to the Supreme Court. Senior U.S. District Judge Lowell Reed Jr. wrote in his decision: "Perhaps we do the minors of this country harm if First Amendment protections, which they will with age inherit fully, are chipped away in the name of their protection."
[Slashdot Updates]

In true slashdot fashion, I haven't read the article, but wow. What a surprising headline to see in the morning. That's a brave move for the judge to make, the merits of his argument not withstanding... Read more»

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