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From my cold, dead hands...

“Video Game Decency Act” Introduced in Congress
A Michigan congressman has proposed federal legislation which would make it illegal for game developers to hide content in the hope of gaining a less restrictive ESRB rating... [Game Politics]

So, first you stole from me the promise of stories in games. ("I just want to skip all this story crap!")

Then, you took from me the adventure game. ("It was all just hunt the hotspot bullshit anyway.")

Then you took away the RPG. ("No I swear it's an RPG, it's just like Diablo, but first person...")

Now you want my fucking Easter Eggs? Well, you can have them. You can have them when you pry them from my cold, dead hands... Read more»

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Report: Computer Games Magazine, Massive Shut Down

Report: Computer Games Magazine, Massive Shut Down - Independent sources, both via an un-named publisher dealing with the magazines and from industry messageboard QT3, have revealed that U.S. print publication Computer Games Magazine and its sister MMO-centric Massive magazine have apparently been shut down by publisher Computer Games Magazine, regarded as the second oldest PC focused monthly magazine in circulation after Computer Gaming World, was first launched in 1988 as British gaming magazine Games International. The magazine later evolved over several iterations, ...
[Gamasutra - News]

Well shit, that's about as lame as it comes in the magazine scene, isn't it? Massive got, what? Two issues? So much for MMOs as mainstream gaming, in the eyes of the press.

I knew one of the writers there; I hope he's got other work lined up. He's a damned good writer and I found I really enjoyed his articles in massive and computer games.

- Snipehunter

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Links between violence and video games

I'll be real short with this one since I'm sure you're all sick of me beating this dead horse, every chance I get. So rather than rant on the topic I'll say this:

Read this article: Do Video Games Kill? (American Socialogical Association)

- Snipehunter

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Dirty Harry Cancelled - team laid off

Collective staff cuts follow Dirty Harry 'transitioning' (Gamespot)

Source close to Foundation 9 division claims 30 staffers laid off following abrupt stoppage of work on film license; Warner Bros. asserts development will continue at new studio.

Well crap, that's a let down... Read more»

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Unscrupulous bastards make things bad for everyone...

Some of the registered users here may have noticed that they've lost their comment posting abilities. Nothing personal, folks. I didn't do it to single anyone out. Instead I did it to make sure our comments aren't polluted with spam and porn posts.

See, some unscrupulous bastards have been botting our comments over the last few days and I don't have time to implement an automatic counter measure beyond what we've already got. So, to get around this I've implemented a trusted user access system... Read more»

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