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Does compassion have no place in this industry?

As a member of the working class, I often struggle with reconciling my values and what we laughingly call "professionalism" - our devotion to the bottom line or the company line - or whatever bit of dogma our managers present to us as "work ethic."

I don't personally feel like the people I work with are cogs in a machine, replaceable parts that can be exchanged as needed. I think they're people - living breathing souls with their own hopes, desires and emotions. I think this is more important than making a buck - more important that shipping product.

Well OK, maybe that last part is not quite true - I really like making games and I'd do it alone if there was no one else. Regardless, I can't look at the people around me and say, "Well, they're not working out - time to throw them out and start a new batch." I think that if you ever finding yourself saying that - you made a mistake and you need to try to fix it before giving up. Yet, even more so now than in the past, tossing people out like so much garbage and doing it with a smile seems to be exactly what is expected of someone exhibiting "professionalism." Read more»

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A jar of nothing

Like a factory out of the world wars, the building appeared a cross between a fortress and a red stone steamship. Three majestic smokestacks rose from behind the shabby facade. The roofline was crenellated with age, looking as though the place had been bombed out. The bricks had fallen in large bites to the rubble and debris below over many years. This exposed the bones of the old building, iron girders bracketing fragments of nighttime sky. Read more»

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Gaming's Civil War

Are games like movies? Or are games like books? Are games little things that you don't want to invest much into in order to enjoy, or is gaming a demanding medium that requires effort on the part of its audience to get the full effect?

The answer to all the questions is the same, isn't it? The answer is "it depends" and that's the problem... Read more»

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An excerpt from "The Dude : Through the Window

This is just a bit of my NaNoWriMo novel 'The Dude: Through the Window'

Every evening around six, The Dude would arrive at the store. The real management candidates called it the store, rather than the restaurant. The Dude had the idea that this was to somehow elevate the position of Chief Fried Shrimp Slinger to General Manager of Operations but he just did it too, because everyone else did. The Dude was not a dumb guy, and the rapid turnover and poor quality of education amongst potential employees allowed him to easily rise through the ranks to the vaunted position he now held, that of Assistant Manager. Read more»

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2-bit hacks

I took a little time today to discuss something that really bothers me: the mindset that using tools in unusual ways or for unexpected purposes is a hack. For that matter, I might even dip into the thought that hacking is bad. Why don't you give it a read and find out for yourself? Read more»

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