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A panic on campus

The sky was blue, the midday sun white and high. I was just getting to wondering where everyone was when I remembered the Decision. The president was to make a speech today, about this time in fact. The soundbite taken from the last press conference with the guy leapt into my mind

"A decision needed to be made, now is the time for something to be done." Read more»

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Huh. Here's a thought: More than half a decade after its release, Jumpgate manages to persist and pay Istvan's salary even though its peak concurrency on a GOOD day is 40 people (which is a shame it's a good game, play it if you haven't)... That means that the project can continue indefinitely, provided Istvan's salary needs never change, right?

Isn't JG proof that there's a market for iMMOGs? (Indy MMOGs?) I mean, assuming that you're making a game people actually want to play, what it takes to be successful depends entirely on what you pour into it - on your projected scope. If you're game isn't trying to be EQ2 or Wow - technologically - you can still be EQ2 or WoW creatively, by trading technology and scope for depth of play and all on a very small budget... The Bang Howdy guys are successful because of this principle, right? Read more»

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PASCAL's Aria - David Brin Laments Absence of Programming For Kids

David Brin Laments Absence of Programming For Kids - An anonymous reader writes "David Brin is an award-winning science fiction writer who has often written on social issues such as privacy and creativity. Now, he's written an essay for titled 'Why Johnny Can't Code'. He discusses his son's years-long effort to find a way to use his math book's BASIC programming examples. All they were ever able to find, however, were either children's versions (on the Mac) or 'advanced' versions which attempted to support modern programming requirements (and which required constant review of the user's manual). Ultimately, they ended-up buying an old Commodore 64 on Ebay — Yes, for those of you under the age of 30, 'personal' computers like the Apple II and C64 used to all include BASIC in their ROMs."

[Slashdot Updates]

Yeah... but what about LOGO? I loved that little turtle... OK, "I'm really old" jokes aside, what about PASCAL? Anyone remember pascal? It was this great structured language created specifically to teach high-level programming concepts. I actually learned on BASIC before I moved onto pascal, so I can't personally speak to Brin's point here, but what I learned in basic was... well... basic. Basic beyond the point of usefulness when applied to modern languages, you know? What I learned with Pascal, on the other hand, I still use today. Everyday, in fact... Read more»

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Changing the Worlds

While I was working on Auto Assault, before the game had gone into any sort of public testing at all, the number one thing people talking about the game would ask for was a way to change the world. It seemed like everyone and their guild wanted to be able to see the impact of their presence in the world and to see themselves changing the world in some way. As MMO fans ourselves, most of the team felt the same way and so we struggled to find a way to do it... Read more»

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Breaking up is Hard to do - the lasting effect of my first MMOs

Every once in a while, I step back and look at my behavior and try to analyse it as an outsider. I try to avoid rationale or justification and just outline my reoccuring behaviors to see if there are patterns that stand out. Wow, when you type it out that sounds so boring, but the thing is it's sort of fun if you're in the right mindset.

Anyway, I was in such a mindset tonight, so I decided I'd take a look my MMOG playing behaviors. I made an interesting observation... Read more»

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