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To hell with writers, what you need is an editor!

I've been wondering for awhile now, how I was going to talk about this, but I think I'm just going to say it. The last time I talked about story and writing in games, I stirred up a bit of trouble, so I've been wondering if I should share the realization I've had recently... but it's too good not to share. Read more»

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Quests in MMOs suck -- and it's your fault.

If you've paid any attention to my twitters recently, you probably saw a few comments about "to-do lists." These were parts of a conversation I was having with another developer about how the quests in modern MMOs don't feel like "quests" at all, but rather as errands or chores -- literally glorified to-do lists. I've done a lot of thinking about this lately, focusing on how to fix it. Read more»

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Power to the People - a thought on "Authorial Control" in MMOs

I've been struggling for awhile with an interesting problem. It's more like an observation that I have trouble reconciling, I guess. It's all based on the sense of dissatisfaction some folks have with the current generation of MMOs. I'm talking about a particular type of player; the type of player that gravitates more to say, EQ2 or Final Fantasy XI than say WoW or WAR. The type of player that, perhaps, laments the lack of things like "lore" or "story" -- Often they're the very same people complaining about the lack of the capability for players to change the world they play in, even in games that do try to offer players that very thing.

The problem is how to address what they really want, when it doesn't really match what they've asked for. There's a huge amount of "interpretation" in what MMO developers do, I think. We look at the complaints and comments of the players and we try to figure out what we can do to provide what they're looking for. The trick, and the trouble, comes from figuring out what they're really asking for, which brings me back to that observation... Read more»

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The More Things Change...

I've been playing a lot of WAR, lately. I'm enjoying it, but I'm also struck by how familiar it all is. Now, before you snort knowingly and mutter "Warcraft did it," let me explain - I don't mean it feels like Warcraft. It's really more about how... old... it feels. Read more»

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News: Publishers target 25,000 file-sharers for illegal games downloads

The flag of 18th century pirate Calico Jack.

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News: Publishers target 25,000 file-sharers for illegal games downloads - Codemasters, Atari and others demand £300 from each user or face court action, according to a new report [ news]

So, we're just as evil as the RIAA, now? Look, I've had every single game I've ever worked on pirated (console, PC and Mac), so I'll be amongst the first to declare that piracy is rampant, but you know what? I'm not convinced that's entirely a bad thing. Read more»

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