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You know, I'm sick of all the lies...

This is just a rant, don't bother with it if you're looking for gaming related stuff. Eye-wink

Anyway, to get to the point: I don't understand why, judging from television, our culture seems to find it acceptable to lie about moral topics. Like somehow the idea that you're lying to help someone else makes it OK to lie. The worst offenders in this regard have to be the anti-smoking campaigns... Read more»

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Snipehunter is a game designer with over a decade of experience, having started as a QA tester when he was still in school, for a technical pilot program project at a high school in Orange County, California. Since those very early days in QA he has become a game designer, serving as a lead or senior designer on several shipping projects, including the MMO project Auto Assault.

Here at Snipehunter is the site admin and regular blogger. His blogs typically cover thoughts on the industry's direction, game designer or game politics discussions, though he has been known to post up a work of short fiction or two.

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