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Writers Guild creates videogame writing award

Writers Guild creates videogame writing award - The Writers Guild of America has announced the
creation of a Videogame Writing Award
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Yay, it's about time! Now, if only we game writers wanted and/or were in the union... we'd totally be up for this award. (in other words: "pfft! It takes more than the promise of an award to make us want your union - how about actually having the clout, desire and resources to get us better working conditions")

I mean seriously, why would we unionize? No union out there takes us seriously, don't buy the WGA hype. They can't offer us anything and actually deliver; they just want our dues and more power for themselves.

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Speaking of names...

Ombwah recently put up a blog about the magic of names. It was a good blog that I really wanted to comment on, but I found I didn't have much to say. I think that names are magic and that they do matter, but in conversations with other designers, I've come to realize that the power I draw from names is different from the power that other designers get from naming. I typically use names to get archetypes across - so I tend to name things what they are, in some sort of evocative way. The swamp in AA is the Fetid Bayou, for example -- a stinking swamp. Read more»

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A real conversation, about names and aliens.

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A colleague of mine passed away recently...

I just found out today that [[,115/|John Watson]] passed away. I worked with John. Well, sort of - we worked at the same studio, The Collective. I only really met John in the last half of my time there, but I quickly came to realize that he was "one of the good ones," one of the developers that really understood games and what made us want to play them.

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Hey gamers, you're not handi-capable... you're handicapped! (The difference between inaccessibility and complexity)

As a content designer on Auto Assault, a lot of things about the core of the game were not my job to deal with, but they had a significant impact on what I did, none-the-less. Things like, the speed of the game, the UI, core game mechanics, AI or heck, even the camera position. The decisions in these areas, while I always had input, were the responsibilities of the system designers, the game's design director and the heads of the company. Some folks might consider not having to deal with those problems a happy release, but for me, not having a lot of control in this regard was a constant source of frustration and fear.

The reason it bothered me was simple; it had to do with one of the most-heard buzzwords in this industry, this decade, "Accessibility." Read more»

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