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Auto Assault closure won't harm Lego project - NetDevil

Auto Assault closure won't harm Lego project -
- Developer NetDevil has told [ news]

Uh... File that one under N for "No shit, Sherlock." Eye-wink Our business is funny... Anyone who was paying any sort of attention to the situation on AA knows how few people were even still left on Auto Assault and anyone who knows the business knows AA wasn't making any money, so why would it affect Lego? It wouldn't and I am sure that Scott knows that, but in our business - especially if you're, say, working with a company from outside the industry - you sometimes need to explain the obvious. Since I have very little exposure to business outside our industry, I don't actually know why - but it always happens. We state the obvious, we devote agonizing hours to the exact wording of press releases to ensure the message isn't misinterpreted and we do it all knowing from past experience that if we don't, someone from outside the industry will misinterpret the message and disaster will result... Read more»

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"How much?" - Supplying content in MMOs.

As a game developer who spends a lot of time thinking about MMOs, the questions of content always come up. What, you say, are the questions of content? Here's my list:

  • How much content do you supply?
  • How much of that is solo content?
  • How much of that is group content?
  • How much of that is raid content?
  • How much of that is crafting content?
  • How much of that is non-combat, non-crafting content?
  • How much of that is programmatically created?

I imagine you can already see the first problem with MMO content: Much of the content in an MMO isn't related to the main gameplay systems and thus might not even be considered content by your audience. Read more»

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Hazy Monday morning

I dunno if I'm sick or what, but man did I wake up just not in the mood to do anything. I really hate it when that happens. Left to my own devices I tend to be the "find stuff to do" guy - so I'm usually working, even when I'm uninspired (e.g. doing research, working out a different problem). It's how I usually get through those blocks... but today I sorta feel like I don't even have that going for me.

Thankfully, where I work here I can ask some folks what they need done and someone will find someway to push me past this by giving me something to do... Still I hate it.

So while I wait, I thought I'd pose a question and explore it:

Is it possible to create games solely for a niche market, and still make money? Read more»

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