The Road Not Taken

A series of blogs about the production of Auto Assault, a now defunct MMORPG, from two of its lead content designers.

chic little city.

chic little city Stylist-turned-boutique-owner David Lesage has amassed an impressive collection of elegant, lady-like labels (think Robert Rodriguez, Schumacher, and Tara Jarmon) with a hit of cheerful, youthful brands (like Tibi, By Malene Birger) at his intimate, second floor shop in Cours Mont-Royal. Since opening in 2009, the minimalist boutique has been on our sartorial radar, with its gorgeous, wood-filled interior envisioned by Lesage in homage to his childhood. He details; love wood. When I was young, my house was exposed wood, from the floors to the ceiling to the walls. I love [its] warmth! Read more»

Ella podría disminuir a un asociado a los rasgones

Sedina no era lo que usted zumbaría a un estudiante brillante. Su tía y mamá lograron sido aniversario en mi sacador del clip por tres años. Ella habló incesantemente. Ella era obstinada. Ella era en su mucho jovial si ella aceptaba a su mucho uno mismo repugnante. Incluso hoy, localizo los cuadernos cacográficos en mi cursivo furioso, frustrado, documentando sus transgresiones y su apatía acabada de mi autoridad. Ella era el aprendiz antiguo de la academia cuyo molde I aprendió. Para cualquiera que no enseña, consiéntame le conocen la actualidad que los nombres antiguos usted análisis no son el accouchement realizado o aún los animales domésticos del ’ de los profesores. Read more»

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The Road Not Taken #7 - Things Left Unsaid

Auto Assault closed its doors in 2007. It's now been over 3 years since the last set of tires ground virtual dirt beneath their tread. 3 years since the last "LFG" and for me, an entire lifetime away. For a long while, I stopped thinking about Auto Assault. Completely. I don't mean that in a bad way. I wasn't angry. I just, I don't know, didn't want to open the box again. I mean, it'd been buried right? Read more»

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The Road Not Taken #6 - Ghost Riding the Whip

The Final Highway; The Road Home -- how many more silly cliches can I throw? Choppin' Maul was my last season with Auto Assault, the literal winter of my time on the project. Read more»

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